Sunday, February 10, 2013

Church and Fast Times, God and Faith

To go to church or not?? Well It is written we should go to a gathering in a church, but I have not been very developed into doing this. It seems difficult for anyone who is a Christian to understand me. I believe in God and quote scripture and yet refuse to go to church. I may be shamed for this. Until I find this church of faith and Christianity , I will not attend a church yet. You see that picture up above that is mine of where I live. No all kidding aside that is where I live, but there is buildings..I am making excuses for not going to church and I will be spanked for this I know. Its the fast times and stuff that keeps me from this. I will change, How about you??

Friday, February 8, 2013

Using Television For Speaking About Religion

There are some people who are unable to attend church and find their television is the only outlet they have to hear God's word. They tune to the community television station on their cable network to attend a weekly worship service and listen to the message about the love of God and the plans that he has for everybody's life.

The television networks have created a Gospel channel that features clergy from many Faiths around the world and people have the opportunity to tune in at a regularly scheduled time to hear people voice their observations about the life of Christ and even the history of his death. When these clergy are speaking about God they have an authoritative tone to their voice that indicates the power of the Living Word.

There are other people who watch the church television program that are quite able to dress for church, are also lucky enough to own a car that could take them to church on Sunday if they had the mind to go. These people are quite content to use their televisions to see religious services because they like the anonymity that television viewing offers. While someone is speaking about God, these people feel very comfortable about cooking a meal at the same time.

These people quit going to church because something that was said struck a nerve. They still enjoy hearing the philosophical views of many evangelists but do not want to be pressured to contribute to the collection plate of a church that they used to visit only one or two times. They feel that the church is actually asking them to pay a price for hearing someone speak about God, and never seem to get the message about the price that Christ paid on the cross at Calvary.

Using television for speaking about religion is a useful tool that many clergy prefer because it gives them the opportunity to reach more people at one time. People come to the church services that are broadcasting on the television and people at home can see the looks of contentment on their faces throughout the program.

These people are not hiding their faith and ask for no anonymity as they sit in their pew. They want their visit to church that day to count for something so they sit patiently and listen to every word that is spoken. The community church programs make sure that the deaf can hear every word too because they always ensure that someone is standing in the background doing sign language so that the deaf will know what the clergy is speaking about.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Three Steps To Proposing Marriage To Your Girlfriend

Three Steps To Proposing Marriage To Your Girlfriend , This is a article for hubpages that I thought would work out fine here with Fast TImes, CHurch and Energy. I have not posted in a while , and it's because of a job loss, so I am back to writing again. Please look for more articles coming soon to here and my other blogs. This is an informative article about asking your girlfriend to marry you . We forget the experiece and how this has imprinted in our brains as a happy time for most. I hoipe you enjoy this.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What To Do When The Big Storms Come?

What To Do When The Big Storms Come?

I wrote this article for the sake of living with God's fate and how
we possibly need to stop blaming others for our own problems. We tend to hate government for their words they say, but the words are like rumors, its hard to believe who is saying what and whom to believe. I hope you enjoy this article about Storms , little ones, and large ones. Maybe your living in one right now, and maybe that is what life is about living through little storms and breaking out through them. I hope you enjoy this hubpage article.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Water, How Do I Invest?

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Water, How Do I Invest?

This is an article I posted on another site that suggest that where I live in Western Texas that water is as important as gold is to maybe someone in another state or even my own.
I have not posted here in a while yet the eveils of greed are very appearant in my thinking of what is going on during this period of our lives. Please read and see for yourself how things are shaping up for us all in the future. Have a blessed day

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fast Times, Church and Energy God Part One

Well I have not written much on this blog lately , because I have been blessed with a few writing jobs and a Portrait Studio I work out of now, so be it. God is number 1 in my life and let me tell you about a few miracles. Miracles happen!! They just flop right in your face and sometimes you don't really recognize them until you sit down and take a breather, but in reality with the world in such a mess, my life could not be better, Yes I have my days and they are ok, I make it through them. With the help of God and trusting in him I have been given , even handed several writing assignments that have kept food on the table and rent paid . I then was discovered by a studio in my little town and asked to be a portrait photographer. So I said what the heck , yeah Ill take it.
 Fast times , Church and energy is what life is all about. You can't really complete one without the other. I don't even know if anyone reads this blog and , hope it helps someof you who do not believe in God. That was the point to this blog in the first place was to give back what was given to me.
 I am at a point in my life where everything seems to be flourishing. Work that I have to turn down , because I am tooo busy and really don't even have the time to keep this sight up, though I like it. It has some popularity with it, and why not, the name says it all.

Have I made it to church yet, No , I have not , but God and I have a conversation every morning and I ask for him to let me live his will for me for this day every day and thank him for being with me. Its that simple, and then is it. You also have to sacrifice some things to be in the position I am in. One is your ego , and the other is all the negative in my life.
For instance I do not drink, smoke, or cuss, I try not too  atleast, because it seems so childish. I have improved myself with reading books on persuasive speaking as well. The more positive you appear in person the more popular you will be to not only yourself but to employers and to your co-workers. It is funny how things tend to just fall into place if your willing to let go and let God take them over. I was so controlling most of my life and knew where I was headed eveery step of the way.
 I am not in control of my self, God reacts I react to him.It is a trued miracle indeed and I was the last one to really believe this at first. I have met a Russian Girl online, I know all the sscams , yet this one is for real, so far. And I plan to visit her in Russia and if she is the one , I will spend the needed money to bring her home and marry her. I kknow sounds kind of quick. Well life is too short and she is so beautiful in looks and inside her, that I know I could fall in love with a women like her. Why a Russian? Well here is my answer, there are a lot of good women in America yet most I have met seem to not believe in anything but material possesions or that they do not make enough money, well we all feell like this at one point in our lives or another, yet there are too many self-sufficient women in america that do not need a man. A good man is not hard to get , you just look beyond the scope of the normal as bars, clubs, social events. I want a women that will depend on me, not her job. That is how it use to be in the 60s and the family unit was very much closer and tighter. Since the revolution and deadbeat men have eveolved in the United States , its hard not to find a single women with 4 kids in the place I live at. I dont need that many children to feel loved, nor could I afford to take care of them right. If you are one of those ladies I am not coming down on you, but baby making and money have to go hand in hand, if you can afford the children have them. I see too many babies walking around and no mother in sight.
 Its a major trajedy if you ask me. I wish you all the best of loook and look for more articles on Fast times , Chrurch , and Energy, God Part One  for more because there is never ending chapters to our lives.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

he Fantasy Dream Of Sarah

he Fantasy Dream Of Sarah We all have out ideas of what heaven may be like and in the article to the left , is my little fantasy of what I would like to call heaven's outlook. Its quite pleasant and I think you can understand where I am coming from. This easter is today and this is maybe why I came up with such a story. I never know really why I come up with some things, I guess its normal to want to put into words how I feel at any given moment. Take time to read about Sarah and her journey into heaven. Its my way of looking at life in a good sense of the word of death. There is eternal bliss and life when we die, if a christian. I have done many non-christian things and ask for forgiveness. Maybee you can feel the presence in this article I wrote. Have a great day. Christopher Hyer4.2011