Monday, March 28, 2011

Between God and Men

Between God and Men This article I wanted to share with my friends on my blogger account, This was written on 3.27.2011 and put on goes to explain the relationship between God and Men, and women. How we come to believe in a power greater than us and how to understand God is totally up to each individual. I am not a preacher, but a teacher of the spirit of the word and I love God with all my heart and try to do his will , not mine. In these times , its easy for the human to manifest a no relation ship with God and to wonder if there is a trues GOd. I am here to tell you Yes he is aware of your surroundings and mine, and even when questionable times are upon us, Must we realy upon his faith , Most definantly and even more in these times. I am a life Coach, and your free session is ready for one full hour , you just go to the site and sign up your email then you will recieve two emails back fill out one of them and return the other to my email, and I will coach you for one hour free. Go there while I have the free offer. Hope to hear from you. Christopher Hyer 3.28.2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dust In the WInd

Dust In the WInd , SOmetimes life gets going so fast we pass by what is realy beautiful and God fearing, such as Ducks , Yes Ducks Have you ever taken time to watch these little ducklings follow their Mother duck and then get blown away by a wind tunnel, well I saw sucha Podcast aand though I might have laughed a little it made me think about God and his many creatures of love in this world . God is around us ,and we are taught and preached so many different things from the same book the Bible, that it can be confusing to us, or to me. I think God touched me with this article and I believe you will enjoy the funny parts in this and how I relate it to Mother hood, I guess Mother's Day is coming up , So remeber your mother because no matter how good or bad you have been in your life , She will love you till Death do you apart, Thats a God given thing, that can not change, no matter how one looks at life. Have a good day.
Christopher Hyer 3.23.2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Thing This World of Ours

Funny Thing This World of Ours This world is amazing and the times with Japans' Crisis , our hearts go out to these people and maybe even home struck, Lets hope not, but in all honesty , it will affect us, in one way or another, through time,whether from food or very sick people that will endure a culture unknown to us. IS this Biblical in portions , Possibly, and if you are a Christian as I am , we all knew this time in out lives is a time to rejoice in the power of the Lord and to take care of all of us. The world has escalated to ten fold in the last year , from politcal parties in disagreemetn, to the new Muslem population coming from out of the closets,and more power to the people , what ever they beilieve in is their choice , that is what made America Great and I hope it stays Great!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God The Almighty and Being Blind , with energy and Church

On Being Blind for a day,,You don't stop in this world because of being born blind or having any other disability , you learn to live with it and srounf it. I think that being blind is an asset in a fashion, you may see things I  do not see, the colors may be vivid in your brain as being blind , I wonder what God had in mind for you that made you so special, that your a precious human with an attribute to our society.Being blind hit me the other day, What would it be like How would I react. I had a bad car accident in my Corvette in San Antonio and lost my vision for about 5 minutes, thinking I might be dead, I remember asking God at that time ,God "Am I Dead" He never spoke back or did he, my eyes opened and I was looking at some of the prettiest green grass, stuck in this tiny car waiting for AMS to show up 45 minutes later, and just thinking how did I live through such an accident, Have you ever lost your sight for a moment or two, or have you lost site , and your on a special computer that I have no idea of how to run. The times have changed for the better when people with abilities can do the amazing as the blind in the article I wrote above will explain. I hope you have a great day and I will be back for more food for thought. Christopher Hyer 3.1.2011 , oh and I do have a website to land on now, that shows who I am what I do, some may not like the Pick Up Artist, yet take  it as it is, Here is the URL to this home page , this tells a bit of who I am , and want to be when I get older, haha This may be of interest to you!