Friday, February 25, 2011

God and Church , Get Rich Quick, Lose It Also

Is Riches what you want more Information here , I have had all the riches that anyone could want as far as money is concerned , and I was never rally happy, I didn't get fully  wealthy until , I was broke cash wise and then I had to really work, but with God's power and his knowledge I have been able to keep up with my expenses and live a so-called above normal life, not a rich life, but an I 'm ok with what I have in possession type of lifestyle, Have you reached your rich point, I mean is money bigger than your best friend. You have to have human interaction in this world to feel good,and I think having too much of anything ids not good, too much money indeed can be more of a hindrance as having too little, yet if you have the spirit of the lord on your side , you will be comfortably OK. He will not let you be without, and that means emotions, money, and friends and lovers.The Link above is an article I  wrote about how I grew up and is quite real and interesting to me, after I wrote it. I now know I am where I am suppose to be in God's Kingdom. That's what really matters.
Christopher Hyer 2.25.2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Click Here! You Know we all have a special friend or I hope you do as I. I use to live in Corpus Christi , Texas , up until 2 years ago, I had a friend 40 years my senior, He is 88 now, and lives in the Hill Country now, as he had to move due to his family not wanting him to stay by himself, there is nothing wrong with him mentally or physically. He Drives a new Truck, and walks with the style of Frank Sinatra, and smiles a mile wide, His name is Harry. Church, Energy and Harry , a very stunning influence on my spiritual life with God and human beings being human. He says," When you got the condition you live with it", in referring to his many illnesses and his hospital stays from years of hard work and giving to the lord

;I was not going to write about my friend, Harry, he and I just got off the phone, nothing was clicking with me today , and to talk to  this man who has the spirit of the Lord all around and inside him, just makes me feel good. Call me selfish , I am, he makes me laugh like no other human has ever, he will give you his left foot if you need it , yet you better have a darn good reason for wanting it. He is so funny with his words, never Drank but once in his life and that was Tequila when he was a man of 19 , I think he said, he said he did,t get drunk , but felt mighty bad that he had let God down. Now isn't that something, he did not mention the pain he must of felt or did he just mention it, the hangover, was letting God down possibly, he will not elaborate nor would you want him too. He is feisty and kind, as a Bear when he need to be, and as kind as a child , innocent in nature and towards  those who are hateful. To be a man like Harry is my goal in life, and I tend to forget this. Do you have a Harry in your life, if not maybe, the Church is where you find these fellows, I am not sure I met him on the beach, and our friendship has lasted for over 9 years, and he is only getting better, and God Bless Harry. Have a safe weekend, and find a bit of Harry somewhere in someone. You will live happier. Christopher 2.11.2011 Please Click the ads I need the money. Thank You

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chrurch , Energy and the Allmighty GOD!!

For a living I am a Full time marketer now, and I hav had my calling, and I am going to present to the world something spectacular, and morally right in my mind and God's. I feel good about it, Be on the Lookout in the next week on this page for what I am to do, It will be a broadcast based solely on Life and God and Clean taste, there will be some sin , there will be no goverment articles, just plain living in the now, Broadcast from a new website I have decided to do for profit of course and if I make enough money ,Part will be donated to a church of my choice, a small church , no matter what religion, Yet must be a Christian. Thast ought to throw some of you around. A Christian Broadcast Blog with video and Daily good words, for everyone, and my ugly mug talking and showing you my life as it is now. I think the project is well needed and with video blogging, people can ease thier eyes and focus on the words I say, which may get me in trouble, I will anounce how things are shaping up, I get the server and page today , I will announce in a day or two. Thanks For coming to this page and this one will stay up as well. God Bless You, and he has. Me!! By the way look to the right of this page and you will see how I make money part of it, Writing articles .. Check it out its free, and yet if it works out for you , Buy into it, I have and I am not making a thing yet, but it;s building. It will work if you work it!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Church Finder in my energy to find Worship

I noticed its beeen a while since I have posted to the Church Blog , so has it since I have said thak you to GOD today for a fine life that keeps me away from his house of worship. The Church Finder, means I have not been looking for a local church to go to , and I miss the church in Corpus Christi, Texas , BAF or Bay area fellowship, I am in my late 40s, ok 47 almost 29 I think and Christian churches are all around me. I am not too good for chuech by no means and I do think that a church is good yet I worship GOD daily and every morning and evening that passes I thank him for the day I was given, and that is what I think GOD really wants is us to tell him our sins during that day even if we mean't to do them at the time, it makes you reflect on the day and possibly I will stop doing them, and usually I do. The new Life church is in my life, I call it that because I am in a new life, I am writing more now than ever because that is what I want to be when I grow up!lol , I am becoming a blogger, I hope that's not too much of a sin, yet in a manner it could be I blog about good things, though to help people, and if its to find GOD , I can't think of a better subject to write about. We all have out interpretations, yet that is where I have a problem with church is how a Minister may interpret the Good Book and is he right, does he really know hebrew and translation. I know the words are good in this Best seller book, yet I know what is written is by a translator, and this is good because I do not understand another language to read in Hebrew or whatever the Bible was written in. I care about the contents of the bible and if I am living right I know , If I am living wrong, I know this ass well, That is sin, to me, Doing something you know in your heeart is wrong, and doing it. I ask for his acceptance to make it in this world as a father and a good human being and he has ansered in many ways, some I do not like, yet the outcome is always positive even if it seems negative.
 The Church Finder is me, the looker of people whom will not dominate me with thier words on Sunday yet praise each other for living a good clean life. I have found my Church in myself, yet worship is included in this Bible , so I will set out  next Sunday and write about my experience. To all Happy Valentines and Love each other . as you would love yourselves.Christopher Hyer2.8.2011