Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Church and Energy

Church is a place where you go on Sunday to do what? well , I go there to see all the dressed up people in their new outfits and worship God. I don't attend church as much as I don't want to lately and it's because of the issue I have with myself, nothing else. I use to go every week and went to Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi, Texas, Now that is one heck of a church. It is the size of a football field allmost, brand spanking new, as of 6 years ago , I think, and it does not look like a church from the inside of it. It looks like a disney world, and this is for the kids, I say go with it, if it brings the kids, the parents might come also. I had the energy to show up and watch the young Pastor Bill Cornelious, and what an energizer he is and was,what a store of how he made it from a apartment room to worship to this grat big colliseum, and he is for real, not a fake christian, this man belives in gettting the word out of the bible, by not his ideas or conceptions, He makes you think, Do I wnat to be here, and yes I did every week.
 Enery greets frustration with early morning wake ups on Sunday's so I atteneded the Saturday night services, and miss these actualy, Now there is a thing about some of these new churches ,and it is that no one dresses up hardly anymore, and that to me shows sdisrespect for the church itself, not God, but then mayne a bit in that direction. I remeber when I use to have to dress up to go on an airplane, now you want to dress down because of all the security and the like. There are many reasons to not attend church just as many reasons to not attend church, whether its you belief's in Latter Day Saints or Catholics, I think we all still know there is only one person whom smiles upon this and this is God. He makes us whine , and mess around so we can fight the devil from going to church and ultimatly we have to make outrown choice when we grow up. I like how the churches fill up on Christmas and the other major holidays, Do these people think that if they do not show up that all hell is going to brak out. I wonder, I miss these services,, because of the noise levels, and the traffic reasons, Now I am making an excuse. This site is for fun as God wants us to have fun with church and he wants us to lok in the mirror and laugh at ourselves, as I do everyday. I will post some fun things about church in general, and may get deeper, as did you know how many South Koreans are Babtist now, What does that tell you, no worship to false god's anymore I hope. Yet when one is brought up a Catholic or a Judas Priest, whatever, one usually stays that way ,and why? Well I will answer that on my next post. Have fun. 1.25.2011

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