Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chrurch , Energy and the Allmighty GOD!!

For a living I am a Full time marketer now, and I hav had my calling, and I am going to present to the world something spectacular, and morally right in my mind and God's. I feel good about it, Be on the Lookout in the next week on this page for what I am to do, It will be a broadcast based solely on Life and God and Clean taste, there will be some sin , there will be no goverment articles, just plain living in the now, Broadcast from a new website I have decided to do for profit of course and if I make enough money ,Part will be donated to a church of my choice, a small church , no matter what religion, Yet must be a Christian. Thast ought to throw some of you around. A Christian Broadcast Blog with video and Daily good words, for everyone, and my ugly mug talking and showing you my life as it is now. I think the project is well needed and with video blogging, people can ease thier eyes and focus on the words I say, which may get me in trouble, I will anounce how things are shaping up, I get the server and page today , I will announce in a day or two. Thanks For coming to this page and this one will stay up as well. God Bless You, and he has. Me!! By the way look to the right of this page and you will see how I make money part of it, Writing articles .. Check it out its free, and yet if it works out for you , Buy into it, I have and I am not making a thing yet, but it;s building. It will work if you work it!!

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