Friday, February 25, 2011

God and Church , Get Rich Quick, Lose It Also

Is Riches what you want more Information here , I have had all the riches that anyone could want as far as money is concerned , and I was never rally happy, I didn't get fully  wealthy until , I was broke cash wise and then I had to really work, but with God's power and his knowledge I have been able to keep up with my expenses and live a so-called above normal life, not a rich life, but an I 'm ok with what I have in possession type of lifestyle, Have you reached your rich point, I mean is money bigger than your best friend. You have to have human interaction in this world to feel good,and I think having too much of anything ids not good, too much money indeed can be more of a hindrance as having too little, yet if you have the spirit of the lord on your side , you will be comfortably OK. He will not let you be without, and that means emotions, money, and friends and lovers.The Link above is an article I  wrote about how I grew up and is quite real and interesting to me, after I wrote it. I now know I am where I am suppose to be in God's Kingdom. That's what really matters.
Christopher Hyer 2.25.2011

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