Friday, February 11, 2011

Click Here! You Know we all have a special friend or I hope you do as I. I use to live in Corpus Christi , Texas , up until 2 years ago, I had a friend 40 years my senior, He is 88 now, and lives in the Hill Country now, as he had to move due to his family not wanting him to stay by himself, there is nothing wrong with him mentally or physically. He Drives a new Truck, and walks with the style of Frank Sinatra, and smiles a mile wide, His name is Harry. Church, Energy and Harry , a very stunning influence on my spiritual life with God and human beings being human. He says," When you got the condition you live with it", in referring to his many illnesses and his hospital stays from years of hard work and giving to the lord

;I was not going to write about my friend, Harry, he and I just got off the phone, nothing was clicking with me today , and to talk to  this man who has the spirit of the Lord all around and inside him, just makes me feel good. Call me selfish , I am, he makes me laugh like no other human has ever, he will give you his left foot if you need it , yet you better have a darn good reason for wanting it. He is so funny with his words, never Drank but once in his life and that was Tequila when he was a man of 19 , I think he said, he said he did,t get drunk , but felt mighty bad that he had let God down. Now isn't that something, he did not mention the pain he must of felt or did he just mention it, the hangover, was letting God down possibly, he will not elaborate nor would you want him too. He is feisty and kind, as a Bear when he need to be, and as kind as a child , innocent in nature and towards  those who are hateful. To be a man like Harry is my goal in life, and I tend to forget this. Do you have a Harry in your life, if not maybe, the Church is where you find these fellows, I am not sure I met him on the beach, and our friendship has lasted for over 9 years, and he is only getting better, and God Bless Harry. Have a safe weekend, and find a bit of Harry somewhere in someone. You will live happier. Christopher 2.11.2011 Please Click the ads I need the money. Thank You

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