Monday, March 28, 2011

Between God and Men

Between God and Men This article I wanted to share with my friends on my blogger account, This was written on 3.27.2011 and put on goes to explain the relationship between God and Men, and women. How we come to believe in a power greater than us and how to understand God is totally up to each individual. I am not a preacher, but a teacher of the spirit of the word and I love God with all my heart and try to do his will , not mine. In these times , its easy for the human to manifest a no relation ship with God and to wonder if there is a trues GOd. I am here to tell you Yes he is aware of your surroundings and mine, and even when questionable times are upon us, Must we realy upon his faith , Most definantly and even more in these times. I am a life Coach, and your free session is ready for one full hour , you just go to the site and sign up your email then you will recieve two emails back fill out one of them and return the other to my email, and I will coach you for one hour free. Go there while I have the free offer. Hope to hear from you. Christopher Hyer 3.28.2011

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