Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dust In the WInd

Dust In the WInd , SOmetimes life gets going so fast we pass by what is realy beautiful and God fearing, such as Ducks , Yes Ducks Have you ever taken time to watch these little ducklings follow their Mother duck and then get blown away by a wind tunnel, well I saw sucha Podcast aand though I might have laughed a little it made me think about God and his many creatures of love in this world . God is around us ,and we are taught and preached so many different things from the same book the Bible, that it can be confusing to us, or to me. I think God touched me with this article and I believe you will enjoy the funny parts in this and how I relate it to Mother hood, I guess Mother's Day is coming up , So remeber your mother because no matter how good or bad you have been in your life , She will love you till Death do you apart, Thats a God given thing, that can not change, no matter how one looks at life. Have a good day.
Christopher Hyer 3.23.2011

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