Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God The Almighty and Being Blind , with energy and Church

On Being Blind for a day,,You don't stop in this world because of being born blind or having any other disability , you learn to live with it and srounf it. I think that being blind is an asset in a fashion, you may see things I  do not see, the colors may be vivid in your brain as being blind , I wonder what God had in mind for you that made you so special, that your a precious human with an attribute to our society.Being blind hit me the other day, What would it be like How would I react. I had a bad car accident in my Corvette in San Antonio and lost my vision for about 5 minutes, thinking I might be dead, I remember asking God at that time ,God "Am I Dead" He never spoke back or did he, my eyes opened and I was looking at some of the prettiest green grass, stuck in this tiny car waiting for AMS to show up 45 minutes later, and just thinking how did I live through such an accident, Have you ever lost your sight for a moment or two, or have you lost site , and your on a special computer that I have no idea of how to run. The times have changed for the better when people with abilities can do the amazing as the blind in the article I wrote above will explain. I hope you have a great day and I will be back for more food for thought. Christopher Hyer 3.1.2011 , oh and I do have a website to land on now, that shows who I am what I do, some may not like the Pick Up Artist, yet take  it as it is, Here is the URL to this home pagehttp://writingforu.com , this tells a bit of who I am , and want to be when I get older, haha This may be of interest to you!

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