Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Thing This World of Ours

Funny Thing This World of Ours This world is amazing and the times with Japans' Crisis , our hearts go out to these people and maybe even home struck, Lets hope not, but in all honesty , it will affect us, in one way or another, through time,whether from food or very sick people that will endure a culture unknown to us. IS this Biblical in portions , Possibly, and if you are a Christian as I am , we all knew this time in out lives is a time to rejoice in the power of the Lord and to take care of all of us. The world has escalated to ten fold in the last year , from politcal parties in disagreemetn, to the new Muslem population coming from out of the closets,and more power to the people , what ever they beilieve in is their choice , that is what made America Great and I hope it stays Great!

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